Every Parent Needs A Good Henchman!

Sometimes as a parent, you may want to throw the odd suplex, piledriver, or the famed DDT on your kids. Apparently that's unacceptable. Fair enough, that's probably a good thing to be honest. As a clever parent, you then need a work around solution. Here lies one of the many benefits of having twins. There is always an extra one to act as a henchman or henchwoman when needed!

We've now allocated Belle to act as our henchwoman and have fully authorised her to use any and all wrestling moves at night to get Finn to go to sleep so he can sleep through the night. We are happy to announce she has gracefully accepted this role with immediate effect! 

Twin Babies Wrestling

Belle's new wrestling move 'The Belle Tower'

Clearly Jon Cena is getting his moves from Belle!

Clearly Jon Cena is getting his moves from Belle!


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