Why Being The Father of “Double Trouble” Bothers Me

IMG_0099.JPGOne of the most common things that gets said when people see us or me out with the twins is something along the lines of 'oh, how cute, double trouble, haha.' I know they are just trying to be nice, but it really bothers me for some reason. They aren't trouble, sure there's two of them, but it's just the two words that rhyme and the small bit of judgement that comes with it that bothers me.

I know that raising two babies at once is difficult and that raising two toddlers will probably make me go grey faster than being the President, but in no ways are they trouble. Plus, I love a challenge. Our "double trouble" has made me a better person in five months then I can only imagine. Double the nappies, double the crying and double the dependency is easily outweighed by double the smiles, double the cuddles and double the amazing firsts that we get to witness, twice.

So no, they aren't double trouble, they are double happiness, double loveliness and double the pleasure. Those are the reason why I love having double trouble.


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  • Having a set of twins myself, I totally understand your feelings when people approach you when you’re in public. My boys are far from trouble because it’s not the way that my wife and I are raising them. I think it’s important that everyone do their part as to make sure their children are not, and don’t grow up to be assholes.Rather than cringe whenever someone mentioned the double trouble moniker, I just embraced it, hence the name of my blog. If you can’t beat them, join them! Although I know the name doesn’t really fit them, no one is saying it won’t later in life. I also call them the dynamic duo…and they have yet to save Metropolis.

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